A [Simplified] Beginning

by juststepback

     Introductions are always difficult for me to write. I suffer from a writing style that is chronically lyrical and overly expressive, and whenever the time comes for me to put pen to paper I feel an intense need to make Robert Frost proud and make every line both savory and necessary.

     This is, however, just a blog for my Online Journalism class. No fluff is needed, no etheral imagery is required, and no impressive display of my vocabulary is desired. Only the short, concise facts written in the most basic language will be displayed here. Le sigh…

     This will take some getting used to. Nonetheless, I will press on.


     Thus far in my journalism class we have learned many precious oddities that will give us a basic understanding of the online world. Our greatest focus has been centered on the learning of HTML and the complexities that come with it. Using the Mindy McAdams blog (which is, funnily enough, all about writing a proper blog), we have equipped ourselves with several valuable tools: how to build a website from scratch, how to discern good sources from bad, and what journalism websites to rely on for advice. The work is none to difficult, but this certainly won’t be a class that one can breeze through.

     Silly as it may be, the most difficult assignment for me to accomplish was to increase my involvement with social media. I personally feel that having both a Facebook and a Twitter account is enough social interaction for any person. However, our class was instructed to a) set up Google Reader accounts b) subscribe to what i consider to be an excessive amount of blogs on said accounts, and c) to set up this blog. I’m not sure how exactly this is beneficial at the moment, and I hate that the internet now has a larger claim in my personal life, but I’m sure there is logic behind it all.

     I understand that this first entry has been altogether uninteresting, but I ask that you bear with me; I’m still learning to work outside my lyrically-saturated comfort zone, and this was my first step into a simplified literary beginning.